Joel Griffith: Painter Close  


I paint the world so I may see the world, to try and know it in all its depth and complexity, to witness its beauty and truth. I hope that viewers will find in these paintings a record of that engagement, and then look again at the world itself with a refreshed and deepened vision.

Painting: Scism Road Trailer Painting: Corner of Washburn Avenue Painting: West Kerley Corners Painting: Friendship Street Painting: Kellerhouse Farm
Painting: Montgomery Street Trailer Painting: Downtown Painting: Washburn Avenue Painting: Corner of Montgomery & Spring Painting: Freeborn Lane
Painting: Guski Road Painting: North Road Painting: Scism Road (Bridge) Painting: Tivoli Tracks Painting: Montgomery St. and Washburn Ave.
Painting: View from Tivoli House on West Kerley Painting: Broadway Painting: Montgomery Street (Windstar) Painting: Montgomery Street (Honda)
Painting: Scism Road Painting: Trailer Painting: The Ridge Painting: Truck and Barn Painting: Corn Crib
Painting: Four Post Bridge Painting: Bayly's Painting: Post Office Painting: Tivoli Tracks Painting: St. Sylvia's
Painting: The View from Tivoli Painting: Clermont Painting: North Road Painting: Kidd Lane Painting: View from Kellerhouse Farm.
Painting: The Park Painting: Broadway Painting: Washburn Avenue Painting: West Broadway Painting: Parking Lot
Painting: Korn House Painting: Lasher Road Painting: Winter View in Germantown Painting: Hearty Roots Farm Painting: Niskayuna Home
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